How to Apply for the HyperOS Beta Recruitment Program

Apply for HyperOS Beta Recruitment

The HyperOS Beta Recruitment Program has officially started! It’s open to all users on the Xiaomi Community app. With the latest version of Xiaomi’s new operating system, you generally need to be at level 5 in the Mi Community app to unlock the bootloader and apply for the new beta tester program. But right now, for a limited time, you can apply for the HyperOS Beta program even if you’re just at level 1. So, let’s dive into the details and see how you can grab one of those limited beta seats.

HyperOS Beta Recruitment

Currently, the only way to apply for the new update is through the Mi Community app, which is available to all global users. Just download the app onto your device, register your Mi account, and select your region as Global. Then, head over to your profile. You’ll notice a new “Beta Testing” option in the latest app update. Simply tap on the “Apply” button next to your device name.

Note: Remember, only a limited number of devices are eligible for the HyperOS beta testing program. So, if you don’t see the “Beta Testing” option, it either means your device isn’t eligible at the moment, or all the beta seats are filled up. Don’t worry, just be a little patient.

HyperOS Beta Recruitment Screenshot 1

How to Apply in the Beta Recruitment Program

Follow these steps to apply for the Beta Recruitment Program.

  • Start Your Application:
    • Tap the “Apply” button next to your device name. This will redirect you to the Pilot Program page.
    • Then tap “Start” to begin.
HyperOS Beta Recruitment Screenshot 2
  • Check Requirements:
    • Carefully read the requirements and criteria.
    • After understanding them, click on “Apply” again.
    • Agree to the terms and conditions to proceed.
HyperOS Beta Recruitment Screenshot 3
  • Answer the Questions:
    • The questions will be presented in a random order, so make sure to read each one carefully.
    • For the version question, select the option “All of the above are correct.”
    • For accessing developer options, the correct path is “Settings > About > Click 7 times on MIUI Version.”
HyperOS Beta Recruitment Screenshot 4
  • For the Fastboot Method question, select the option that is labeled as “Right.”
  • To enable a 3-finger screenshot, choose “Settings > Additional Settings > Gesture Shortcuts > Take a screenshot > Turn on 3-finger down.”
HyperOS Beta Recruitment Screenshot 5
  • For the question about the first Xiaomi phone release date, choose “2011.08.16.”
  • For the final question, select all the options presented and then tap on “Next.”
HyperOS Beta Recruitment Screenshot 6
  • Express Your Interest:
    • You’ll be asked to provide reasons for your application. Share why you’re interested in participating, how you plan to tackle any challenges, and your experience with development programs.
    • After filling this out, agree to the agreement and tap on “Apply.”
HyperOS Beta Recruitment Screenshot 7
  • Confirmation:
    • Once you’ve completed the steps, you should see a message stating “Application Successful.”
    • Your application is then submitted for review.

Remember, the questions might appear in random order, so make sure you read each one carefully and answer thoughtfully.

Note: I strongly recommend that you only participate in the beta program if you truly understand how to handle your device with custom ROMs, use all the developer tools, and report bugs effectively. Please don’t install it just to try out new features prematurely.


I hope you’ve found this guide helpful and that you’re now successfully registered in the HyperOS new beta tester program. Currently, it’s available to all global users and selected devices only. At the time of writing this post, there are 3000 seats per device available, so it’s a first-come, first-serve situation.

Once you’re selected for the program, you’ll see it in the Xiaomi community app, and you’ll receive the new beta update in your smartphone’s updater section. So, keep an eye out for exciting updates. And, if you receive a beta testing update after following these steps, feel free to drop your device name in the comment box. It might help other users too.


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