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Hey there! Are you waiting for your Xiaomi phone to get the HyperOS update but it’s taking forever? Or maybe you’re just curious about how HyperOS feels on your Xiaomi device? Don’t worry, I’ve got something cool for you today. I’m going to share the top 3 HyperOS themes that will make your MIUI 14 look like it’s running on Xiaomi’s new OS, even without the official update.

These themes are all available in the Mi Theme Store, so you can easily get them for your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO smartphones. Remember, these themes won’t work on MIUI 13 or older versions.

Best HyperOS Themes

These themes will give your MIUI a new makeover. Remember, it’s just a theme, so it will change the look of your UI, settings, icons, and lock screen, but it won’t actually turn your device into HyperOS. Now, let’s check out some cool mi themes:

1. Hyper Depth MIUI Theme

First up, we have the “Hyper Depth” theme. It’s really close to the actual HyperOS update in terms of design. It changes your lock screen, icons, control center, and more. The theme mimics the new OS’s design, including depth effect wallpapers for your lock screen.

Hyper Depth HyperOS Theme IMG 1

Created by Md Jibon, “Hyper Depth” is 18.4 MB in size. It’s free to download in the Mi theme store. This theme also adds new charging animations and lets you customize your lock screen wallpapers. It’s a great way to get the new android skins without waiting for the official update.

Hyper Depth HyperOS Theme IMG 2

2. Hyper Mind MIUI Theme

Next, we have “Hyper Mind.” This theme brings new customization options to your lock screen, similar to the new updates. It gives your device an Android 14-based HyperOS look and lets you change the lock screen wallpaper with a double tap.

Hyper Mind HyperOS Theme IMG 1

The icons in this theme look premium and it supports a new control center, lock screen, and widgets. Designed by Md Jibon, this 24.7 MB theme is also available for free in the Mi theme store. You might find this customization really cool for your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO device.

Hyper Mind HyperOS Theme IMG 2

3. Hyper Lor MIUI Theme

Lastly, “Hyper Lor” is one of my favorites. It lets you add custom depth effect wallpapers and sparkling or snow effects to your lock screen. Designed by KIERRuiPro, this theme is about 22 MB and is highly customizable, including an animated icon pack.

Hyper Lor HyperOS Theme IMG 1

“Hyper Lor” supports the new Control Center, clocks, and more. You can download this theme for free from the theme store and apply it to your MIUI 14 device.

Hyper Lor HyperOS Theme IMG 2


I hope you find these HyperOS themes exciting for your Xiaomi device. Even if you haven’t received the new update yet, these themes will let you enjoy the new look of your current MIUI version.

If you want even more customization, check out our website. You can install new HyperOS features on older MIUI versions too. So, which theme did you like the most? Have you tried any on your device? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Good day Jon, I use Redmi Note 12, and I just upgraded to HyperOS.

    The issue is that, no theme is working, it’s showing compatibility issue.

    1. Which version (China/Global) of HyperOS do you have installed?

    2. Hello, I also have this problem (I have a xiaomi 12T. What do you recommend?

  2. Xiaomi11i

  3. Please, any idea when the update is coming to Redmi note 12s global version?

  4. Please will redmi 13c get the hyperos update?

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