HyperOS 2.0 Release: All New Features and Changelog

HyperOS 2.0

Xiaomi to launch HyperOS 2.0 with new AI, wallpapers, and gestures.

Almost six months have passed since HyperOS 1.0 was released. And now, it’s time for HyperOS 2.0! Yes, Xiaomi is finally ready to launch the HyperOS 2.0 update on all smartphones that already have the previous HyperOS updates.

The Xiaomi 15 series and Redmi K70 Ultra are the first devices to receive the HyperOS 2.0 update, starting in late October 2024.

According to the latest beta changelog, we found many new and exciting changes in the latest update. In this article, I’ll show you all the new HyperOS 2.0 features and its changelog.

HyperOS 2.0 Features

Ocean & Dessert Super Wallpaper

We already received the new Moon Super Wallpaper with HyperOS 1.0, but now with HyperOS 2.0, Xiaomi has added two brand new Super Live Wallpapers: Ocean and Desert. These super wallpapers are very smooth and realistic, enhancing your device’s look.

HyperOS vs MIUI Wallpapers

Air Gestures

Now you can partially control your phone using hand gestures. Yes, in a recent Xiaomi launch event, this feature was introduced as “Contactless Gestures.” This feature is still in beta, and you can switch between two apps, control your audio and video, and even change your Instagram reels or TikTok videos just by waving your hand in the air, without touching the screen.

Contactless Gestures on HyperOS

Ai Expansion

In the Gallery app, you now have two new options: AI Expansion and AI Remover. With AI Expansion, you can freely expand your image size, add extra objects, and create unique images without using any third-party or paid software. You can also remove any object with the new AI Remover tool.

Ai Expansion and Ai Remover on Xiaomi Gallery

Advanced Textures 2.0

Like the iOS Lock screen and Control Center, we now get the same blurry effect in all UI elements, like the Control Center, lock screen, recent menu, and everywhere else, to create a minimal design. This new Advanced Texture also includes some animated graphics and icons for a more user-friendly experience.

Advanced Textures 2.0 HyperOS

HyperMind 2.0

Xiaomi is focusing on AI technology, which is why HyperMind 2.0 comes with many new optimizations and smart features. With HyperMind, you can smoothly control your Xiaomi smart accessories using the Control Center.

Xiaomi HyeprMind 2.0

New Control Center

Since MIUI 12, we have been using the same style Control Center on our Xiaomi devices, but according to the new HyperOS 2.0 changelog, something interesting is coming in the Control Center. Also, the animation between the Control Center and notification styles has slightly changed, providing a very smooth experience.

HyeprOS New Control Center

More AOD Styles

Most of the Redmi and POCO devices support up to 10 seconds of Always On Display (AOD) on their phones. But according to the new changelog, it might be possible to extend this limit to infinite or for long durations. Besides this, many new AOD styles are available to decorate your lock screen.

HyperOS AOD Styles

I hope you like these new HyperOS 2.0 features and are excited to use them on your phone. Right now, this update is in the development stage, and very soon, you will get it with Android 15 and Android 14 skins.

Drop your comment below on which features are the most interesting to you and which ones you can’t wait to try on your device!

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