Xiaomi HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper Apk is Now Available

Moon Super Wallpaper Apk

The wait is finally over for Xiaomi users as they receive the new HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper on their devices. From MIUI 12, Super Wallpapers have been a hit among Redmi, Mi, and POCO users due to their vibrant look and dynamic animations on the Always-On Display (AOD), Lock Screen, and Home Screen.

Setting any Super Wallpaper offers a smooth animation experience when you open or close your device screen. Initially, MIUI 12 to MIUI 14 provided only five default wallpapers without the option for new ones. However, the China beta version of the Super Wallpaper Apk now includes the HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper apk for all users.

In this post, I’ll guide you on how to download, use, and what to expect from this wallpaper. So, let’s dive in.

First Look of HyperOS Moon Super Wallpaper

The wallpaper’s tagline, “Humanity’s one small step toward space exploration,” suggests a cool, modern, and futuristic vibe. It’s currently available in the HyperOS Super Wallpaper V3.2.0-ma-ALPHA-01191938 and is compatible with the China beta version only.

The Moon Super Wallpaper Apk
The Moon Super Wallpaper for Xiaomi

How to Download Moon Super Wallpaper Apk

To use this wallpaper, download and install the latest version of the HyperOS Super wallpaper on your device. Then, check the Mi Theme store’s wallpaper section for the new version. Once you find the Moon Wallpaper in the theme store, it’s ready for download. Simply tap the small download arrow to install it on your phone.

The Moon Super Wallpapers

How to Uninstall Moon Super Wallpaper

If your device isn’t supporting this update, you might want to downgrade your current Wallpaper apk version or uninstall its latest version to prepare for upcoming updates. Here’s how to uninstall it:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Tap on “Apps” and then “Manage Apps.”
  • In this section, search for “Moon Wallpaper” and open it.
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap on “Uninstall Updates.”
  • Confirm your decision.
Uninstall Moon Super Wallpaper

Following these steps will remove the latest version, making your device eligible for any future updates.


It’s exciting to see Xiaomi continuously improving its features, offering a significant number of new options to enhance the user experience. Although HyperOS hasn’t been released for all devices, you can still enjoy its features on your MIUI phone by upgrading the APK files.

In future updates, the Moon Super Wallpaper will be available for the Global and MIUI versions too. Once this feature goes live for everyone, I share updates on my Twitter (XHyperOS) account, so stay tuned on my social media for the latest news.


  1. Hello I am from Iran. The super wallpaper section is not added to the themes application. What should I do?

    1. Update Wallpaper Apps, Dedicated Super Wallpaper app, and also install latest version of Mi Theme store.

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    Está muy bien

  3. Note 12 turbo? Super wallpaper ??

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    Es ermoso el fondo

  5. good hyperos

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