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Xiaomi HyperOS Super Live Wallpaper

I’ve got some super exciting news for you! Remember how we all got thrilled when Xiaomi introduced those amazing Super Wallpapers with MIUI 12? Well, Leaked applications from Xiaomi’s latest HyperOS have been spotted online, and yes, they include a brand-new version of the Super Live Wallpaper. I just had a peek at it, and let me tell you, it’s fantastic!

Now, because I know you’re all curious, I’m going to walk you through how you can get this Super Wallpaper on your Xiaomi device that’s already running on the MIUI updates. I bet you’re as excited as I was when I set it up on my phone!

Install HyperOS Super Live Wallpaper

First off, let’s talk about what’s so cool about this new Super Wallpaper. We all loved the original, right? It made our phones look so dynamic and cool.

  1. Download the HyperOS Super Live Wallpaper APK from the links I’ve provided below.
  2. Go to your File Manager and click on the file to install it.
  3. Next, open the Xiaomi Theme Store and click on your profile.
  4. Tap on “Wallpaper” then “Super Wallpaper.”
  5. All set! Now you can choose your favorite Super Live Wallpaper.
Xiaomi HyperOS Super Live Wallpaper

Currently, there are six awesome types of HyperOS Super Live Wallpapers available: The Moon, Earth, Geometry, Mars, Saturn, and Snow Mount.

NameSuper Wallpaper apk
Size18.6 MB
Latest VersionV
Released Date24 January 2024


The Moon Super Wallpapers


NameSuper Wallpaper (Moon)
Size91.2 MB
Latest VersionALPHA 2.6.557-01211117 ogl
Home Super Wallpaper
NameSuper Wallpaper (Earth)
Size189.5 MB
Latest VersionALPHA 2.6.558-10101502 ogl-64


The Red Planet Super Wallpaper
NameSuper Wallpaper (Mars)
Size157.5 MB
Latest VersionALPHA 2.6.558-10101503 ogl-64


Geometry Super Wallpaper
NameSuper Wallpaper (Geometry)
Size51.9 MB
Latest VersionALPHA 2.7.558-10101501 vulkan


Faraway Rings Super Wallpaper
NameSuper Wallpaper (Saturn)
Size67.0 MB
Latest VersionALPHA 2.6.558-10101503 ogl-64

Snow Mount

Snowy Peaks Super Wallpaper
NameSuper Wallpaper (Snow Mount)
Size98.5 MB
Latest VersionALPHA 2.6.558-10101503 ogl-64

How to HyperOS Super Wallpaper on Non-Xiaomi Android Devices

But wait, what if you don’t have a Xiaomi phone and you’re using another Android device? No worries! While you can’t use the Super Wallpaper directly on non-Xiaomi phones, there’s a simple trick. Just download the Google Wallpaper app on your phone, and you’ll be all set to enjoy these cool live wallpapers!

And That’s it! By following these steps, you can be one of the first to experience a bit of HyperOS, Xiaomi’s upcoming operating system, through these awesome wallpapers. Keep your eyes on XHyperOS – I’ll keep bringing you the latest updates and leaks as soon as they pop up!


  1. All not working for samsung phone. Select from Google wallpaper, it pop up error, said there is a bug, then crash.

    1. can you send screenshot on our email?

  2. Only moon work, another dont working

    1. Try other app too.

  3. For Samsung phones (S24U) it doesn’t work. When trying to apply either through the native wallpaper sasmung app or Google wallpaper app, it would show that is loading the Moon wallpaper but does nothing.

    1. What happens when you click on a wallpaper?
      And have you tried other wallpapers? And check it worked?

  4. hyperos

  5. Doesnt work on Poco x6 5g running on hyperos.

    Cant select them via the hyperos wallpaper Screen.

    When trying tp select via googlewallpaper it says: “App not installed”

    1. send photo of error

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