Download Xiaomi HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpapers [Full HD]

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpapers Download

Hey XHyperOS Fams! I’m super excited today because I want to talk about something really cool – Depth Effect Wallpapers for your Xiaomi phones. If you’ve been following Xiaomi’s updates, you know that their new HyperOS now fully supports this awesome feature on the lock screen. It makes your phone look really sleek and high-end. So, I thought, why not share my favorite wallpapers with you? That way, you can give your device a fresh new look too.

Let’s dive into these amazing wallpapers…

Xiaomi HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpapers

I’ve already shown you guys how to enable depth effect on your HyperOS device. Remember how these wallpapers pop up on the lock screen and seem to move toward the clock, making it look like the clock is behind the objects? So cool, right? But, not all wallpapers can do this trick, so I’ve picked my top 10 favorites that work perfectly with your Xiaomi device.

Tower of Pisa

This wallpaper features the iconic Tower of Pisa, and the Dynamic Island fits just right at its peak.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 1 By XHyperOS

Warrior’s Silhouette

Check out this wallpaper with a warrior in blue armor. The cool blue shades look amazing against the deep blue background.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 2 By XHyperOS

Dragon’s Embrace

Here’s a dragon wrapped around a pink pagoda. The detail in the scales and the building textures look fantastic against the morning sky.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 3 By XHyperOS

Shipwreck Whisper

This one has a lonely shipwreck that tells a story of adventure, resting quietly on a calm shore.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 4 By XHyperOS

Red Reaper’s Watch

A figure in a red robe stands on a cliff with a scythe, looking over a red river.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 5 By XHyperOS

Pagoda Sunset

An ancient pagoda stretches up to the sky, set against a backdrop of a street buzzing with life and history.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 6 By XHyperOS

Twilight Balloon

See this hot air balloon glowing in the twilight, with its reflection lighting up a dark, still lake.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 7 By XHyperOS

Giraffe Mirage

A peaceful giraffe stands next to a tree, its head reaching up to a fluffy cloud.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 8 By XHyperOS

Jet Ascent

Jets zoom upwards, slicing through the misty sky with power and elegance.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 9 By XHyperOS

Rocket’s Trail

A rocket shooting up into the sky, its fiery path captured against a stormy backdrop.

HyperOS Depth Effect Wallpaper Full HD 10 By XHyperOS

Final Thoughts

That’s all for now! I really hope you enjoy these wallpapers and use them to add depth effects to your Xiaomi devices. If you haven’t gotten the new HyperOS update yet, don’t worry. You can still use Xiaomi themes that support the depth effect on your lock screen, even if your device is running on MIUI.

I’d love to hear which one of these 10 wallpapers is your favorite. Leave a comment below! And if you have ideas for other kinds of wallpapers you’d like to see, tell me about that too.

Also, feel free to show off your new lock screen on Twitter. Can’t wait to see how cool your phones look!


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    Me ha gustado mucho,voy a descargar en mi redmi A2,haber si se abre

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