How to Enable Developer Options on HyperOS

How to enable developer option in HyperOS

Xiaomi has just rolled out its latest operating system, HyperOS, across the globe and various regions. To access some cool additional features and fine-tune your device settings, activating the developer options on your Xiaomi device is essential. Wondering how to do this?

No worries! In today’s post, I’m going to guide you step-by-step on how to enable developer options on HyperOS. Let’s dive in and unlock some exciting capabilities on your device!

What are the Developer Options on HyperOS?

Think of Developer Options as a secret toolbox for those who want to dig deeper into their phones. It’s not just for tech experts but for anyone curious about boosting their device’s performance or trying out new things.

Features You’ll Love in Developer Options:

  • Show FPS: Perfect for gamers! This shows how smoothly your game is running. No more guessing if your game is lagging.
  • Change Animation Duration: Make your apps open and close faster by tweaking the animation speed. You can even turn off animations for lightning-fast app launches.
HyperOS Developer Options Features 1
  • Change Display Colors: Play with different color settings like Monochromacy or color correction modes. Great for customizing your screen’s look.
  • Boost App Performance: There’s a setting called “Force 4x MSAA” that can make your games run smoother.
HyperOS Developer Options Features 2

How to Enable Developer Options

With HyperOS, Developer Options aren’t visible right away. Follow these steps to turn them on:

  • Open your phone’s Settings app and tap on My Device.
  • Next, select Detailed info and specs.
HyperOS Enable Developer Options Step 1
  • Tap OS Version seven times. You’ll see a message saying “You are now a developer!
HyperOS Enable Developer Options step 2
  • Head back to the main settings, and choose Additional Settings.
  • Scroll a bit, and voila! The Developer Options should be there. Tap on it.
  • Finally, turn on the toggle next to “Developer options.”
HyperOS Enable Developer Options step 3

And there you have it! Your Xiaomi device is now set up with Developer Options on HyperOS. This method works on most Android smartphones, and it’s a gateway to a world of hidden features.

Important: Be Careful! When you’re playing around in the developer options, remember that changing things can sometimes cause problems with your phone. So, before you change a setting, make sure you know what it does. It’s better to be safe and keep your phone working well. Have fun, but always think before you tap!


  1. My device:- redmi note 12 4g
    I can’t get developer option
    I have taped many times on OS version but??? please help me.

    1. It’s show any message?

    2. It is also not showing in my redmi note 12 5g, i tapped os version so many time .what can I do ?

      1. plz send screen recording video…

    3. Same problem 🥺

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