How to Optimize Charging on Xiaomi Phones?

Boost Charging on Xiaomi

Maximize your Xiaomi battery life with our top tips.

Is your Xiaomi phone running out of battery in just a single day or even less after a full charge? Then you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, I’ll guide you on how to optimize battery performance on your Xiaomi phones that run on MIUI or HyperOS updates.

There are many hidden features available on your smartphone that can help you to boost your battery life and its performance. But not everyone knows about them.

Well, I’m here to share all the new battery optimization tips that can help you to save more battery backup and run longer than ever. So let’s dive into all the optimization steps:

Enable Optimized Charging on Xiaomi

Many users don’t know, an Optimized Charging feature is available in their smartphone security app, which can boost battery performance directly. To enable this:

  • Open the latest Security app on your phone.
  • Tap on the “Battery” options.
  • Now select the “Optimized Charging” options and enable the toggle to use this feature.
Enable Optimized Charging on Xiaomi phones

Note: However, this feature is not showing on older MIUI versions, but you can try the latest Xiaomi security app to get this feature.

Best Ways to Optimize Charging on Xiaomi

There are several ways that can help to save battery life, but here I’ll only show you those that can be super useful and very helpful when your device battery is very low and you need to run your phone longer.

1. Disable Auto Sync

Every smartphone user uses social media apps, news apps, and browsers on their phones. All these apps continuously fetch the latest information from the internet to provide the latest and fresh content for their users. So eventually your phone battery drains because of all these background activities.

To stop these services, go to your phone settings > account & sync > and turn offAuto-sync data” or you can choose an individual app that can drain more battery on your phone.

Optimize Charging on Xiaomi By Disable Auto Sync

2. Enable Battery Saver Mode

Xiaomi phones come with “Battery Saver” or “Ultra Battery Saver” mode. That 100% boosts your battery life by stopping all the background processes, reducing animation, and turning off vibration. This is a powerful feature among Xiaomi phones and many users use this feature regularly when they require more battery life. To enable these features:

  • Open your phone settings app.
  • Tap on the “Battery & Performance.”
  • Turn on “Battery Saver” when you just need a few hours of battery backup. Or turn on “Ultra Battery Saver” for a few days of battery backup.
Optimize Charging on Xiaomi By Battery Saver

Note: These both options are also available on your control center, you can directly access them by swiping down your control center and just tap on it.

3. Disable Super Wallpaper

We all know, that Super Wallpaper is a very amazing and exclusive feature in Xiaomi smartphones. But did you know that this can significantly reduce your battery? If you are running out of battery, then a good idea is you can disable Super Wallpaper and save a few more hours of battery life.

To disable this, simply you can change your default theme or set any new static Wallpaper.

Optimize Charging on Xiaomi By Disable Super Wallpaper

4. Close Unwanted Apps

When you open multiple apps in the background that can drastically drain your battery. Simply close all the unwanted apps to optimize charging on your Xiaomi phones. Simply open “recent apps” and swipe out all apps to remove them from the background.

Optimize Charging on Xiaomi By Clear Recent Apps

5. Remove Widgets

Widget is a very good customization feature on a smartphone. That can help to perform quick tasks and show you some quick activities like locations, weather, and more. Meanwhile, this feature continuously uses your location to fetch the latest information and drain your battery.

Simply you can remove all the widgets from the home screen and save good power for your device.

Optimize Charging on Xiaomi By Remove Widgets

I hope these simple and easy tips can help to optimize battery performance on your Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO smartphones. This list of tricks is not complete here, you can also use auto-brightness, disable haptic feedback, turn off system animations, and even more to optimize charging on Xiaomi phones.

If you have found some tips or have doubts about these methods, then don’t forget to drop your message in the comment box below.

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